If you want to live and breathe sales, it takes more than just doing the job every day. It requires an investment in continuing your education and finding the knowledge you’re missing.

Luckily, sales podcasts provide an educational outlet that emphasizes learning over investment (in monetary terms). Because, well, they’re free.

Maybe you’re thinking, “who has time for that?” Now that many people are returning to office spaces, what about your commute? Do you drive or take the train or bus to the office every day? Or maybe you are still working remotely and go for a daily walk. These are perfect situations to listen in on conversations between pros in all types of sales branches.

Not sure where to start? Here are six sales podcasts you should download today. 

1. The Sales Evangelist 

The Sales Evangelist is hosted by Donald Kelly. Each episode features interviews with the world’s best sales experts, sales leaders, and entrepreneurs who share their strategies to succeed in sales. 

What do you get?

Nearly 1,500 half-hour episodes with actionable insights and stories to encourage, challenge, and motivate you to hustle in your position. 

Who’s it for?

This one is for sales professionals at every level, but especially for sales leaders looking for a way to encourage their reps with this inspiring, actionable resource. 

2. Sell Or Die 

The Sell Or Die podcast is hosted by Jeffrey Gitomer, a best-selling author and sales trainer, and Jen Gitomer, a sales expert and coach. In each episode, they discuss the art and science of selling with different top leaders in the industry. 

What do you get?

Essential information about everything from high-end sales management to daily sales tasks, such as cold calling and sending effective emails. They also have a segment called Sales Manager Spotlight that features a special guest in the field to expand input and perspective. 

Who’s it for?

This one is by sales leaders, for sales leaders, particularly those interested in leadership, management, and coaching

3. Reveal: The Revenue Intelligence Podcast

Reveal: The Revenue Intelligence Podcast is hosted by Devin Reed, sales practitioner, and Sheena Badani, category designer. Each week, the hosts invite sales leaders, practitioners, and experts to tell candid stories about their successes and failures.

What do you get?

Aside from candid stories about lessons learned from the ups and downs of sales, you will also learn how to get better at using data in the sales process

Who’s it for?

Reveal is for revenue leaders who want to reach their fullest potential.

4. Conversations with Women in Sales

Conversations with Women in Sales is hosted by Lori Richardson, a sales and revenue strategist. In each episode, Lori speaks with a woman in sales, interviews a male ally, or discusses a sales-related topic.

What do you get?

More than 100 episodes featuring guests sharing practical advice about advancing in a sales career. Topics include—but are not limited to—cultivating leadership, getting over imposter syndrome, overcoming adversity, building confidence, and creating inclusive sales teams. 

Who’s it for?

This podcast is for women in sales leadership positions who want to coach their teams about overcoming adversity in a male-dominated field and men who are ready to step up and be good allies. 

5. 30 Minutes to President’s Club

Want an authentic, off-the-cuff podcast hosted by sales professionals who aren’t going to throw sales jargon your way? 30 Minutes to President’s Club is made up of 30-minute episodes, as the title suggests. It is hosted by Nick Cegelski, a senior account executive, and Armand Farrokh, a sales leader. 

What do you get?

Weekly episodes that see Nick and Armand break down sales strategies like a coach breaks down a game. 

Who’s it for?

This podcast is for sales leaders and managers looking for new strategies to win more deals.  

6. Sales Influence 

Ready to nerd out on sales? Sales Influence – Why People Buy! is hosted by Victor Antonio, an expert in buyer psychology. Each episode revolves around the question, “why do people buy the way they do?”

What do you get?

Throughout nearly 500 episodes, Antonio explores the latest studies in consumer behavior and neuromarketing to help teams sell more effectively. 

Who’s it for?

This one's for sales professionals who interact with customers every day, want to know which sparks ignite customers to buy, and want to share that knowledge with their whole team. 

Expand Your Knowledge and Strategy with a Sales Management Platform

Notice what’s missing from these podcasts? There aren’t many sales podcasts dedicated to coaching based on sales metric data. Using a data-driven sales management platform like Atrium, you can identify areas where a rep’s performance is slipping and coach in those areas. 

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