We are collecting more data than ever, which is giving way to innovation, more satisfied customers, streamlined operations, and clearer business strategies. However, the only way to achieve those results is to know what the heck to do with all that data.

In the sales world, hiring someone in a sales ops role to manually measure and monitor data is an expensive and inefficient way to gather deeper insight into a sales rep’s performance. Instead, give them the tools they need to easily create stellar reports and use their time more wisely to help further develop KPIs and optimization. Ultimately, sales leadership is pivoting to utilizing sales management tools to learn how to improve sales rep performance. 

Atrium’s platform offers a multitude of benefits for sales teams seeking to learn more about the specific adjustments that need to be made for individual sales reps. Atrium utilizes automatic data sync, proactive goal tracking, and an early warning system to notify managers of potential issues with sales reps before they become a problem. It also allows sales leadership to know directly where to focus with one-on-one sales coaching.

Atrium has made plenty of sales teams’ processes much easier, including the sales team at SaaSOptics, a B2B financial operations solution designed for high-growth SaaS companies. Here are the benefits the company experienced—and continues to experience—by utilizing Atrium’s platform.

How has Atrium helped SaaSOptics meet its need for deeper data insights? 

SaaSOptics’s platform automates back-office work, which includes billing, revenue recognition, and financial reporting for subscription companies that finance teams can scale efficiently and accurately. At the time of Atrium’s engagement with SaaSOptics, the company had raised multiple rounds of funding, which enabled it to build a sales team of 18 business development reps and account executives. 


In the past, SaaSOptics had tried sales management tools to provide insight into pipelines and forecasts, but those tools just measured the outputs or results of the sales process, not the inputs. Using Atrium’s sales management tool—which combines calendar, email, calling data, and more—SaaSOptics experienced many benefits, such as engaging with opportunities at the right frequency and right quality. With the visibility provided by Atrium, fewer opportunities slipped through the cracks. 

Want to learn more about data-driven sales management best practices from an actual Atrium customer? Check out our webinar, where we’re joined by SaaSOptics director of sales, Will Ibsen! Link to the recording here

These benefits include:

1. Improved Results

By implementing Atrium’s platform, SaaSOptics witnessed improved results in significant categories. For starters, SaaSOptics was able to exceed its fiscal goals by 116 percent in just one month of partnering with Atrium. It also saw improvements in pipeline hygiene by 80 percent as well as a reduction in untouched opps by 56 percent and stagnant opportunities by 31 percent. All of this culminated in a 30 percent increased win rate for the SaaSOptics sales team. 

On a team level, Atrium refocused the sales team to more important metrics so that it could have a better understanding of areas to improve sales rep performance.


2. Strategic Alerts

One of the many benefits of Atrium’s platform is the strategic alerts sent to sales leaders. The platform analyzes data and notifies teams when something strange occurs at every level of the funnel. 

In one instance with the SaaSOptics sales team, leaders received an email from Atrium’s platform that one of a rep’s top-of-the-funnel conversions dropped by 25 percent, which would have been missed without Atrium’s insights. After it was brought up in a one-on-one meeting, the rep was able to gain more accurate qualifications of the lead and improve their conversion rates. 


3. Improved, Proactive Coaching

Data is fundamentally objective, which makes sales coaching incredibly easy with the insights provided by Atrium. For the sales team at SaaSOptics, sales leaders are able to dig into the minor adjustments to help reps perform at a higher level.


Long-term trends also allow sales leadership to create data-driven goal setting so that reps sustain improved practices. 


4. Increased Accountability

SaaSOptics uses the data provided by Atrium in its daily meetings. Putting this information on display helps to identify where opportunities are being missed and who is missing them and contributes positively to the competitive nature of sales. Overall, this accountability led to a decrease in stuck opps.


5. Better Forecasting Capabilities

The SaaSOptics sales team found the accuracy of the forecasting and measuring of opportunities impressive. This allowed the team to understand which opportunities to pursue and which to abandon without wasting time trying to figure it out without data. 


Atrium’s algorithms also allowed for the forecasted numbers to be accurate, which ends up being a stronger approach than reporting rep numbers. 


Are you ready to transform your sales team with proactive, data-driven insights?

At Atrium, we use data to help sales managers improve performance in predictive and direct ways. SaaSOptics and many other clients have been able to experience easier daily operations as a result of insightful data that provides alerts, forecasts, accountability, and ultimately, results. To learn more about trends in data-driven sales, follow our thought-leadership content

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