Atrium Raises $13.5 Million to Revolutionize Data-Driven Sales Management

Platform defines emerging category of software that helps sales managers unlock the power of sales teams and reps using data

SAN FRANCISCO, April 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Atrium, the proactive data-driven sales management platform that empowers sales managers to improve team performance, today announced a $13.5 million seed funding round with key investments from Bonfire Ventures, Bullpen Capital, Charles River Ventures and First Round Capital. Sales managers, sales development managers, sales leaders and sales operations pros use the Atrium platform to set and track rep goals, proactively identify and address performance issues and deliver more effective rep coaching to improve sales productivity and increase revenue.

"This is a 'Moneyball moment' for sales managers," said Pete Kazanjy, Co-founder at Atrium and Founder of Modern Sales Pros. "Sales managers are the biggest lever in driving team performance. Despite the huge amount of data produced by their reps, managers are still flying blind - forced to rely on walls of charts and indecipherable dashboards that don't provide any actionable insights. Sales managers at 100+ organizations use the data and insights in Atrium to run their teams more effectively and improve their sales performance."

While data-driven insights have permeated nearly every aspect of modern life, sales managers still largely rely on intuition that may not be accurate or apply to particular sales reps or deals. According to Gartner, sales teams with high-performance managers were on average 26 percent more productive, three-times more likely to have top performers, and have reps that worked on average 38 percent harder.

Many legacy analytics systems drafted in an attempt to improve sales management don't provide proactive information, leaving blind spots and forcing managers to juggle and decipher opaque disparate dashboards from various apps. Atrium aims to alleviate these issues for overburdened sales teams by providing a purpose-built platform for managers with proactive and intuitive data and insights to help their teams improve their skills and run more effectively.

"Atrium is shaping the future of data-driven sales management," said Brett Queener, Partner at Bonfire Ventures, former Salesforce EVP, and Atrium board member. "Atrium uniquely cuts through the noise to deliver the insights and recommendations that sales and Sales Development Representative managers need to measure, manage, and improve their team's performance. What got us most excited about Atrium is their strong market traction and the success of their customers. Winning companies are realizing that data-driven sales management is critical for them to hit their sales productivity and revenue goals — and Atrium is paving the way for them to do just that."

With Atrium, sales managers, sales development managers and customer success leads can monitor their most important key performance indicators (KPIs) to gain unique insight into patterns of performance, gaining unparalleled and rapid visibility into what is working or not. Customers can get started in minutes by connecting Atrium to their Salesforce instance and can begin to measure and analyze metrics that matter in real time. Additionally, the solution:

  • Boasts an extensive pre-built KPI library that tracks leading and lagging indicator metrics that other software solutions do not.
  • Automatically monitors trends and looks for anomalies in performance over time at the rep and team level
  • Enables you to set and proactively tracks your weekly, monthly and quarterly rep and team goals
  • Proactively monitors whether teams are on track to hit their goals, how they're doing against their peers and suggests areas of improvement
  • Includes automated AI-based root-cause analytics to uncover the "why" behind performance peaks and issues

Software company SaaSOptics found that Atrium helped its sales team see an 80% improvement in pipeline hygiene and a 30%+ increase in win rates.

"Atrium has transformed the way I manage my team and has positioned our company and team to beat our goals and growth metrics," said Will Ibsen, Director of Commercial Sales at SaaSOptics. "Atrium immediately flags soft spots in performance and allows my team to get ahead of any potential performance issues before they impact results."

Atrium's latest investments will continue to go toward recruiting top talent for its growing sales, success, and engineering teams and developing innovative products, in order to satisfy customers' ongoing needs for data-driven insights. The company also created and fosters the Modern Sales Pros community, which is home to 20,000+ revenue leaders and counting across 7,000 companies worldwide, to keep managers and team members engaged in their professional development.

For those interested in learning more, join Atrium's upcoming April 15th webinar on Data-Driven Sales Management, or visit their website:

About Atrium
Atrium provides a Data-Driven Sales Management platform that empowers sales managers to improve team performance. 100+ sales teams at leading companies like Salesloft, Chorus, LaunchDarkly, SaasOptics, etc. use the dashboards, insights and alerts in the Atrium platform to hit their sales productivity and revenue goals. The company is based in San Francisco and has raised $13.5M in funding to date from leading venture capitalists including Bonfire Ventures, Bullpen Capital, Charles River Ventures and First Round Capital. To learn more, visit