$3T Reasons for Data-Driven Sales Management

When Pete and I started Atrium, we set out to solve a huge problem. To be precise, a $3 trillion problem in the form of lost revenue stemming from missed sales quotas. 

We knew that sales managers are the biggest lever when it comes to addressing this problem. A great manager increases the efficiency of every rep on their team by 26% and is 3x more likely to have top performers on their team according to Gartner.

To that end, Atrium’s purpose is to empower every sales manager with the data and insights they need to improve team performance.

What we didn’t expect was that the problem would be made all the more urgent because of the global change in the past 18+ months. Three out of four sales teams are now hybrid or fully distributed. A majority of them are scaling headcounts at this very moment. “Management by walking around” doesn’t cut it anymore. 

Our mission is more important today than ever before. It's a tough job being a sales manager and it’s just getting tougher. Now more than ever, managers need metrics (plus actionable insights) as their eyes and ears in order to be effective.

Announcing our $20M Fundraise

Today, I’m excited to announce that Atrium has raised $20M in Series A funding led by Craft Ventures with participation from Bonfire Ventures, Bullpen Capital, Charles River Ventures, and over 100 go-to-market leaders.

I’m also thrilled to have Mike Marg from Craft Ventures join our board. Mike is a seasoned sales executive, and a former user of Atrium back during his operator days at Clearbit. He knows, first hand, the transformative power of data-driven sales management. 

Mike and Craft Ventures are big believers in the power of a product-led go-to-market motion. Making it easy for end users to quickly and easily get started is paramount to any product success.  One of our superpowers is that you can sign-up and get started in less than 90 seconds!

Thank You!

Over the past twelve months, we’ve experienced tremendous growth with 200+ customers, 3x annual recurring revenue, and an industry-leading Net Promoter Score (a measure of customer loyalty and satisfaction) of 75. 

But don’t take my word for it, watch this short video to see what our customers have to say:



Plus, the Modern Sales Pros community is as vibrant as ever with almost 30,000 AE managers, SDR managers, sales leaders, and rev ops pros.

This growth is possible because of our users putting their professional trust in us, our employees working tirelessly to make data-driven sales management a reality, and our investors backing us every step of the way. 

And, we’re just getting started!

What’s Next?

We’re still in the early innings when it comes to data-driven sales management, and we look forward to partnering with Craft and all our new investors to create a huge new category of sales technology.

We believe in a future where every sales manager knows exactly what is working in their organization, what isn’t, and what to do about it.  Where technology does the work to automatically monitor thousands of KPIs so the manager doesn’t have to, and proactively identifies who to coach and what to coach them on.  A future where managers focus on improving team performance, not interpreting impenetrable walls of charts.

The most important thing for us today is building a world class team that allows us to accelerate our vision for data-driven sales management.  We want to accelerate product development to deliver more unique and valuable data driven insights for our customers, and to continue to spread the data-driven sales management gospel to companies of all sizes and geographies.

If you want in on the action, apply today and let’s go! 🚀