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TL;DR: Atrium is excited to announce the first AI for Sales Management, “Sales Coach.” Sign up here to try it yourself. Or request a demo.


Sales Coach uses Large Language Model AI to provide contextual, practical metrics synthesis and concrete coaching next steps to managers, leaders, and reps.

The result is a revolution in the ability of managers, leaders, and operations to measure, manage, and improve the performance of their teams by better comprehending and acting on data-driven insights - at the metric, rep, and team level. 

The Problem with Dashboards & Sales Management

To date walls of dashboards have been the best case scenario for managers, leaders, and reps to understand and improve their performance.

The insurmountable problem with this approach is that math is hard.

The skilled analyst or business intelligence architect may be able to turn bars, lines, and pies into actionable meaning - but that’s a rare - and exhausting - skill. The grand majority of sales managers, leaders, and reps didn’t get into sales to decipher squiggly lines.

Here’s a quick intuition pump. What’s going on in this single Salesforce dashboard chart?

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Well, some reps have more opps than others. Some have very few. The stages those opps are in seem to vary from one rep to another. What’s concerning here? Who should I be coaching and how?

It’s pretty easy to see how hard this can be with just a single dashboard tile.

But now…multiply that by two dozen tiles!

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Talk about finding needles in a haystack! 

It’s no wonder that the grand majority of managers reject managing by metric, and end up spending their time in deals or being a “super-rep” on calls with their reps - to date, the tooling and training has been unsuited to helping managers be data driven.

Atrium 1.0 Helped This Problem

Starting in 2019, Atrium’s statistical alerting, goal tracking, and strategy insight functionalities helped managers be more aware of when there were issues with their reps or their teams by alerting managers to movements in metrics that might be of concern.

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This was a massive improvement over the status quo of trying to interpret impenetrable walls of charts.

But this still left up to the manager how to piece together what these issues meant and what to do about them.

Atrium 2.0: AI-Driven Synthesis & Recommended Actions for Sales Management

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With the advent of Large Language Models - which most people are familiar with through the likes of ChatGPT, Google Bard, Anthropic’s Claude and others - we can now leverage the power of AI to help distill & synthesize large amounts of data, before generating suggestions on what to do with the derived insights. 

Atrium’s Sales Coach does exactly this - taking Atrium insights and alerting, wrapping them in proprietary prompting, and then feeding them to state of the art Large Language Models.

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The results are stunning, providing managers, reps, and leaders with instant AI-driven synthesis and recommended actions to improve rep performance. 

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It’s like having a revenue operations analyst and sales enablement helper for every manager, leader, and rep in your sales organization. 

Sales Coach helps out across a number of Atrium’s existing features. 

Single Metrics: Sales Coach interpretation and recommendations for single metrics, like Atrium’s single metric alerts: 

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Strategy Insights: Deeper synthesis and associated suggestions for combinations of metrics, as with Atrium’s Strategy Insights: 

Strategy Insight Steaming (2)

What’s going on with this rep? And what should I do about it? All the way to answering the thorniest questions sales managers and leaders have, like “What’s going on with this rep, and what should I do about it?”


What’s going on with this team? And what should I do about it? And what’s happening with my team, what are the most important themes to pay attention to, and what should I do about it?


By focusing managers and leaders on what’s happening and what to do about it, Sales Coach not only helps manager coach and lead more effectively, but helps train those very managers and leaders as to what various metrical insights mean, and what to do about them.

So not only do managers immediately start managing more effectively with Sales Coach, but they become more effective managers over time.

Rep Facing Coaching: In addition to assisting managers and leaders, Sales Coach can talk directly to reps, as well, providing helpful “assistant manager” guidance for all the times that AEs and SDRs aren’t with their managers. 

This helps reps “own their business” via self-management, helping them get better on a continuous basis.

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A New Era of AI-Driven Sales Management Excellence: By removing the need to “dashboard dive”, Atrium’s Sales Coach helps managers and leaders do what they do best - coach their reps, hold them accountable, and improve performance. 

We’re extremely excited about how far Sales Coach has come to date, and where it’s going. 

We welcome you to sign up here to try it yourself. Or request a demo.