VP Sales <-> Sales Manager Leadership 1:1 Meeting Template

The VP of sales will often overlook the value of 1:1 meetings with their sales managers. And yet, it has been proven time and time again that 1:1 meetings lead to coaching, therefore leading to more effective sales teams. But meetings don’t mean anything if they aren’t clear and intentional. 

This handy 1:1 meeting template includes several potential 1:1 meeting components for a successful sales managerial cadence. They include:

  • Agenda items so that the structure of the meeting is clear.
  • Questions to ask so that discussion around the agenda items are specific and effective. 
  • Supporting data so that claims and next steps are based on data, not a hunch.

Ready to conduct effective VP and sales manager 1:1s? Fill out the info to the right to download your 1:1 meeting template. Let’s do some 1:1s!