Be Absolutely Fantastic at Forecasting

Having a handle on where your team is going to land this month, quarter, and year is a primary responsibility of sales leadership. This guide will make you better at it.

Whether you're responsible for a transactional SMB team, a somewhat slower mid-market team, or a group of enterprise elephant hunters in the field, this 10-page guide written by a Sales Operations pro will make you a forecasting pro.

What you'll learn:

  • "Top-down", math-based forecasting for more velocity sales, based on the revenue formula.
  • "Bottoms-up", forecasting that focuses on pressure testing slower enterprise deals.
  • When and where to call BS on a fudged forecast. 
  • A helpful Google Sheet template to manage any of the above.
  •  This guide is powerful for Sales Managers, Leaders, and Sales Operations pros.

Sales Managers Forecasting Guide Preview

An example rep scorecard from the "Bottoms Up Enterprise Forecasting" section:  Example Rep Forecasting Scorecard

Example of a "math-based" forecasting methodology for more transactional sales motions:

Math Based Forecasting

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