Atrium's Sales Metrics Setting & Publishing Template

How many meetings should your AEs be having a week? How many emails should your SDRs be sending per day? Have you documented and published what you expect from your reps?

Performance metrics are key to instrumenting the leading and lagging indicators of success for SDRs, AEs, and other sales roles. But have you explicitly published to your reps what your expectations are for those metrics?

Sales teams typically publish output expectations - bookings for AEs and opportunity / meeting creation for SDRs - but setting input  expectations is something that we frequently forget to do. This is problematic, because good inputs are what drive good outputs. Making it clear what sort of input metrics reps should be attaining is critical.

Fear not -  we have you covered with this handy template for doing just that, along with an example of a completed document. Sign up to the right to access to the template.

KPI publishing template

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