SDR Activity-to-Goal Calculator

How many activities do your SDRs need to do to hit their opp creation goals? This calculator will get you that answer lickety split.

"Are my SDRs going to hit their opp creation goals?"  This is the perennial concern for SDR management and sales operations supporting them.

Conveniently, there's typically a fairly tight correlation between the level of activity an SDR engages in, and the opportunities they create.  As a result, for each SDR, you can actually calculate this ratio of activities-to-opps created, and use that to guide SDRs towards how many activities they need to complete daily and weekly to achieve their goals, and how many activities are needed per day to get to their goal by the end of the month. 

With this calculator you'll find out:

  • What is the ratio of activities to opportunity creation?
  • How many activities are needed, per day, to get your goal by the end of the month?
  • The above metrics, for each SDR.