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Atrium's Performance Conversations & PIPs

A 15 min. video tutorial on performance conversations & Performance Improvement Plans.


Diagnosing performance issues, and proactively addressing them in coaching conversations is core to successful sales management.

And in the case where a rep's performance needs substantial intervention, Performance Improvement Plans are an important tool in the manager's kit.

All of this is covered in this guide & video tutorial from Atrium's Data Driven Manager Workshop series, recorded by sales operations pro, Karen Rhorer. 


This guide and video tutorial covers:

  • Why addressing performance issues is key to rep and team health.
  • How to proactively diagnose and root cause performance issues (along with a toolkit for this).
  • How to effectively structure performance conversations to address those diagnosed issues.
  • Structuring and administering effective Performance Improvement Plans.

And more in a 15-minute video tutorial...

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