Take AE Prospecting from Good to Great

When you're training to tackle Mt. Everest, the mountaineering advice is never "buy out REI and get on the next plane to Tibet." Instead, you're encouraged to train up to your goal: focus on what your success actually looks like, and create a plan of small steps to accomplish your big goal.

Similarly, when you're taking your AE's prospecting skills from a B+ to an A+, you can't depend on a tech stack and the playbook to get them there. You've got to figure out what your end goal is for them, and how you're going to track their progress there.

In this video, we dive into the frameworks and fundamentals for improving reps' prospecting with Karen Rhorer (Atrium), Danny Garcia (Sonar), and Saul Garcia (Health Recovery Systems).


Curious what Atrium is all about? Check out this quick video: 

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