Guide to Successful Rep Onboarding and Ramp 📈📈📈

The smart use of metrics is key to successfully ramping AEs and SDRs - this guide shows you how. 

4dThe period after a rep has joined your organization is a critical time to ensure their success. A large part of this is making sure that they're progressing along their "ramp", and on their way to being a productive part of the team.

Key to ensuring a successful ramp is monitoring performance metrics for new hires, making sure that they reflect the progress you would expect at a given point in time for a rep.

This guide shows how to do exactly that.


This 4-page guide will show you:

  • How to set the appropriate expected KPIs for various ramping time intervals.
  • How to communicate these expected KPI levels to reps and monitor their achievement.
  • How to tune and enhance this approach over time as your organization becomes more mature.

Metrics in Ramp Thumb