How to be an Amazing Data-Driven Sales Development Leader

The Sales Development function is the tip of the spear when it comes to your business. In 2020, even amidst a rocky labor market last year, the highest growth firms continued to build up their Sales Development function (according to The Bridge Group). How will you get the most out of your SDR investment?

We all know that managers are the single biggest lever when it comes to sales performance. Watch this awesome panel to learn how SDR Managers can use data to better onboard, ramp, goal, coach and develop their reps.

This panel is hosted by Atrium’s Pete Kazanjy, AspireIQ's Bryan Brennan, and Iterable's Travis Militzer who drop some great knowledge about the metrics, frameworks and coaching you need to deliver to become an amazing SDR leader.

Key takeaways from this panel:

  • When setting goals, work backward. Figure out the best metric to go after, set benchmarks, and go from there. 

  • Don’t forget to celebrate your losses together as a team. We learn from failure, so any fail is an opportunity for the team to put their heads together to figure out an improvement.

  • During your SDR training sessions, make space to focus on upskilling for their next role. The opportunity to move up is a natural self-motivator and will help your SDR’s learn about which metrics you’re tracking early on.


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