📺  Video Tutorial & Guide

Atrium's Data Driven SDR & AE 1:1s

A 15 minute video tutorial & 3-page guide on 1:1 meeting excellence.


Manager-Rep 1:1 meetings are core to a successful sales team operational cadence, regardless of whether you manage SDRs, AEs, AMs, CSMs, or otherwise.

This video tutorial and guide covers how to create a solid foundation of recurring 1:1s supported by a rigorous metrics to identify areas for improvement and track resolution over time.

This tutorial hails from Atrium's fantastic Data Driven Manager Workshop series.


This tutorial & guide covers:

  • How to set the recurring agenda of your 1:1s.
  • Formulating the set of data & reports needed to support that recurring agenda.
  • Adequate preparation for 1:1s to ensure maximum impact.   
  • Tracking progress & resolution over time of 1:1 topics.

And more...

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