Moving the Needle: Data-Driven Rep 1:1's

If you're using your 1:1s to talk about pipeline, you're doing 1:1s wrong.

What does a productive and successful 1:1 mean in practice, and how in the world do you prep for that?

Join Atrium Co-Founder and CRO, Pete Kazanjy, to learn about 1:1's that actually move the needle.

In this webinar, you'll learn how to set the best 1:1 agenda with your reps, make your 1:1s data-driven, prepare for them, hold your reps accountable to the 1:1s, and track their progress. 

You'll also get a link to 5+ tactical resources shared during the session, including a link to a killer 1:1 template doc.

Event banner for December 13's Masterclass on Data-Driven Rep 1:1s