Time for Reflection and Gratitude!

The end of the year is always a great time for reflection and expressing gratitude.

We especially want to thank our customers!

2021 was a big year for Atrium and it wouldn't have been possible without them! 

Based on customer feedback we delivered over sixty new features to help sales and SDR managers use data to improve team performance.

Customers tapped into the suite of new features to up their data-driven sales management game in several ways:

Reach out to your friendly neighborhood CSM to dig into anything here and learn how you can take advantage of these updates.

Foster a Data-Driven Sales Culture

These days many of us operate on the “virtual sales floor” and are now using collaboration tools more than ever.

Our new Slack integration enables you to share your Atrium Dashboards, Alert Feeds, and Opp Health Views via your Slack channels so you can make sure everyone is aware of the latest performance stats, pacing to goals, and opportunities for improvement.




On top of that, Atrium will now alert you whenever there's new insights and recommendations about how your team is performing and why.

Finally, you can share performance data and insights with senior executives, marketing, and other business partners who don't have an Atrium account using the new guest user experience.

Set Goals to Improve Performance

Goals help you to be intentional in driving the performance improvements you need to achieve your targets. To that end, there are several ways in which we've made Atrium easier and smarter when it comes to goal setting, alerting, and actions.

We’ve added a goals tab at the top of the app - so wherever you are in the app, you can now easily access goal setting and monitoring capabilities you’ve come to know and love.


goals tab

You can now set goals for the team as a whole in addition to individuals!



Finally, Atrium now allows you to send alerts to individual members of your team letting them know whether they're on track to meeting their goals and what they need to do to course-correct if needed!

Improve Deal Execution

While we've always made it easy for managers to take action and drive better execution across the team, we delivered on several new capabilities to help you coach and develop your reps in this area.

First, Atrium now highlights how in-funnel conversion is impacting a rep's bookings.


image (2)

Next, if you're a Gong user, you can bring in call recording data and combine it with the metrics, alerts, and strategy insights in Atrium to get a complete picture of rep performance - from first call to close!

Once you've authorized Atrium to analyze your Gong data, you'll be able to see, goal, and alert on the following metrics in Atrium! 

Of course, you can set goals for these metrics, put them in dashboards, and get anomaly alerts just like with our other metrics.


Image 2021-07-29 at 11-58-44 AM-jpg-1


Finally, Atrium lets you forecast your pipeline and closed-won $ /opps (based on Salesforce deal probabilities and historical win-rate) and track how effective each rep is in advancing opportunities (based on opportunities and pipeline).

You can also set goals on each of these metrics so that you can coach and develop your reps as they create, advance, and close pipeline!

Increase Prospecting Effectiveness

Prospecting is hard! We wanted to make it easier for managers to coach and develop their reps so they're more effective in creating qualified pipeline.

Managers can use the new Stage Reached (Opp Sourced By) and Pipeline at Staged Reached (Opp Sourced By) metrics to evaluate how reps are doing with their prospecting and what they can do to improve.

You can also set specific targets and coach and develop your reps’ prospecting skills so they can produce higher quality opps!



Customize Atrium to Fit Your Needs

You can now create and share folders that contain Dashboards, Alert Feeds, and Opp Health Views so you can easily find the data assets you need when you need them.  

Create folders for specific use cases to ensure intentionality and consistency in your 1:1s, daily stand-ups, forecasting calls, ramp monitoring, and other important priorities.  Then you can share these folders with your peers and team to stay on track and collaborate! Learn more here!


Screen Recording 2021-11-02 at 12.06.19 PM


And there's more!

  • Emojis! You can use emojis in your names and descriptions of folders and views in Atrium. Emojis can be very helpful in making your Atrium views more easily navigable, expressive...and fun! We use the heck out of them in our own Atrium instance - and people really love it. 
  • Custom Filters let you easily define rules for how to slice and dice your team's performance insights in a way that fits the priorities of your business
  • Custom Team Names you can now edit team names, using your own internal naming conventions to make it easier to navigate and understand Atrium insights.
  • You can now search for saved views and metrics in the header to quickly find what you are looking for!

Reach out to your friendly neighborhood CSM to dig into anything here and learn how you can take advantage of these updates.

We're proud to have delivered these capabilities. This is just the beginning and we can't wait to show you what's in store for 2022!

In the meantime, enjoy the holidays and we look forward to having you back in 2022!