Atrium's Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) Template

Performance Improvement Plans are an important tool in a manager's kit. This template makes sure yours are well done and intentional. 

Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs) can be a touchy topic. But when it gets to the point where you need to formally implement one for a rep, it's extremely important that a PIP is well structured, well documented, with clear expectations of the behaviors that will change, in what time frames, and what metrics will indicate the changes are happening.  This template will make sure yours achieve that.

This template includes:

  • How to document the specific improvement area, and the business rationale for this.
  • The specific metrics that reflect the needed changes.
  • The expected level of performance needed, and the time frame in which the improvement should happen.
  • And example of a well-completed Performance Improvement Plan to pattern yours after.
And more...

Atrium Performance Improvement Plan Thumb-1