Sales Coach "Next Steps" Turns Insight Into Action

Table of Contents

  • Overview
  • What is Sales Coach "Next Steps"?
  • How "Next Steps" Ensures Performance Management Actually Happens
  • Different Types of "Next Steps"
  • Key Features of "Next Steps" in Action
  • Using Sales Coach "Next Steps"
  • Our Vision for an Automated AI Sales Manager

Overview of Automated Sales Performance Management

Atrium’s Sales Coach is an AI-powered performance management solution designed to automate and streamline sales performance management via AI-driven performance synthesis, recommendations, and, importantly, action. This tool helps sales organizations improve performance at every level by synthesizing data, providing recommendations, and suggesting next steps for managing sales rep performance.

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What is Sales Coach "Next Steps"

Sales Coach "Next Steps" is where Sales Coach's synthesis and recommendations turns into action.  Specifically, there are three types of important "next steps" that Sales Coach supports - accountability actions, encouragement actions, and enablement actions.


How "Next Steps" Ensures Performance Management Actually Happens

"Next Steps" helps ensure that performance management - accountability, encouragement, and enablement - actually takes place by making their execution straightforward and effective by automatically generating those performance management communications and assets for the manager.

Importantly managers should generally focus on one performance topic at a time, making feedback more digestible and actionable for sales reps.

Every highlighted performance topic that Sales Coach flags - whether positive or an improvement area - now has the ability to generate performance managerial next steps associated with them.

Example of a rep with a pipeline hygiene problem needing coaching.

Further, to empower reps to self-manage on a daily basis, between managerial interactions, reps can receive coaching directly from the platform, without waiting for their next 1:1 with their manager.

A rep with a stuck opportunity issue Sales Coach is flagging.

Rep rep-facing "coaching chat" on a stuck opps performance issue. 

Different Types of "Next Steps"

  • Manager Facing
    • Coaching (Constructive) Email
    • High Five (Positive) Emails
    • Enablement Plans

  • Rep Facing
    • Metric Coaching (Constructive) Emails
    • Metric High Five (Positive) Emails
    • Metric Enablement Plans

Key Features of "Next Steps" in Action

Next Step Coaching (Constructive) Email

Managers can send automatically generated coaching emails to reps that are AI-authored speaking specifically to the underlying performance topic to be addressed.

Screenshot 2024-05-28 at 3.07.13 PM.png

Screenshot 2024-05-28 at 3.07.37 PM.png

AI-Generated Coaching Email on the topic of Stuck Opportunities

Next Step High Five (Positive) Emails

Encouragement is another important managerial behavior, and Sales Coach Next Steps helps managers be more proactive and consistent in providing encouragement to their reps and teams. But, importantly - focused specifically on key behaviors worthy of encouragement.

Screenshot 2024-05-28 at 2.59.38 PM.png

Screenshot 2024-05-28 at 2.59.44 PM.png

AI-Generated High Five Email Addressing the Specific Topic Worthy of Encouragement

"Next Step" Enablement Plans

Lastly, for managers seeking to address a performance topic - whether for an entire team or a specific rep - Sales Coach will generate "Enablement Plans" with helpful sales enablement advice on the topic at hand.

AI-Generated Enablement Plan on Multi-threading Open Opportunities

Rep Facing - "Next Step" Coaching (Constructive) Chats

A key power of Sales Coach is its ability to speak directly to reps, and that extends to Sales Coach Next Steps as well! This helps reps help themselves via self-management, accountability, and encouragement.

Screenshot 2024-05-28 at 3.25.31 PM.png

Screenshot 2024-05-28 at 3.25.51 PM.png

Rep Facing Self-Coaching "Chat".

There are a number of other rep-facing self-management Next Steps as well, including "Pep Talks" on positive performance insights, and self-enablement plans.

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Using Sales Coach "Next Steps"

There are scenarios where using the "Single Insight" version of Sales Coach Next Steps is preferable to the "Multiple Insight Versions"

In general, any time you're doing constructive performance management, the focus should generally be narrow. No one likes to be performance coached on multiple parts of their swing at the same time! Focus!

As such, these are reasons why that is useful.

Clear and Manageable Goals

Managers and reps can focus on one improvement area at a time, avoiding overwhelm and ensuring better understanding and execution.

Increased Accountability

Tracking progress and holding reps accountable is easier with a singular focus, making it clear to measure performance against specific targets.

Enhanced Focus and Precision

Tailored coaching addresses specific actions and behaviors that need adjustment, leading to more impactful feedback.

Better Retention and Application of Skills

Introducing new skills incrementally ensures they are absorbed and applied effectively before moving on to the next challenge.

Reduced Cognitive Load

Focusing on one area at a time reduces mental strain, making it easier for reps to understand and implement changes.

Increased Motivation and Engagement

Achieving small, incremental goals boosts motivation and engagement, fostering a sense of accomplishment.

Streamlined Communication

Coaching conversations are clear and concise, enhancing the effectiveness of feedback and action plans.

Improved Measurement of Success

Focusing on a single metric makes it easier to measure the impact of coaching efforts, leading to better decision-making.

By adopting a "one thing at a time" approach, Sales Coach "Next Steps" ensures coaching and performance management is more effective, manageable, and impactful. This method empowers managers and reps to achieve their goals more efficiently, driving consistent improvements in sales performance.

Our Vision for an Automated AI Sales Manager

Atrium’s vision includes building an automated AI sales manager to address performance management challenges. This AI Sales Coach automates accountability and coaching, ensuring reliable performance improvement.

Key components of this vision include:

  • Manager-Facing Sales Management Assistant: Focus areas identified and coaching actions designed for managers.
  • Rep-Facing Automated AI Sales Manager: Direct management of reps with daily motivation and direct coaching.
  • Automated Performance History: Record of goal attainment and training missions for every rep.
  • Automated ROI Tracking: Demonstrates improvement in business outcomes at various levels.
  • Enterprise Scalability: Customization ensures the AI Sales Coach manages the right KPIs with automated updates.

Many components of this vision are already live, including the Manager-facing Sales Management Assistant, Rep-facing Automated AI Sales Manager, and Automated Performance History.

We continue to improve our Enterprise offering by delivering customizable metrics and addressing our customers' top feature requests.

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