Let’s Stop with the Guessing Games

If you’re like me, I’m sure you have some friends or family members who are obsessed with the new internet craze (as the New York Times recently put it), Wordle.



Every day, the website shows you a screen with a 5 x 6 grid and asks you to guess the word of the day. Your job is to write in words into the grid. It tells you along the way which letters are definitely in the word you’re meant to guess, and which letters aren’t. You can check out the full rules here.

You don’t have to play the guessing game to see that it's a lot like what sales managers are forced to do on a daily basis as they onboard, coach, and develop their teams.

  • Why is the new SDR having issues creating opps?
  • Why does Jane always have such long sales cycles?
  • Why is Bob having such a wobbly quarter?

These are all questions sales managers face on a typical day. They try to answer them by interpreting inscrutable walls of charts - whether business intelligence or CRM dashboards - and eyeballing some trend or underlying root cause from tile after tile of squiggly graphs. That’s impossible to do effectively, so at the end of the day, they wind up guessing the underlying reasons for underperformance and how to improve their team.

Meet the new Atrium Automated Insights Engine

Unless you believe in treating your business like a game, it’s time to stop guessing and start hitting quota! 

That’s why we developed our new Automated Insights Engine. This new module continuously looks for patterns across hundreds of rep and team metrics to detect what’s working and what’s not in terms of:

  1. Execution quality (e.g. is the rep effectively moving deals forward)
  2. Execution quantity (e.g. is the rep getting enough at bats with prospects to make their number), and
  3. Execution tempo (e.g. does the rep always get stuck in certain parts of the deal cycle)


Atrium continuously monitors your rep and team metrics for anomalies and tells you the underlying reason why.

It then suggests the next best action for the manager based on this analysis, whether it's coaching the rep on a specific issue, spreading a sales motion innovation to others on the team, publicly praising them, or other options.


david singh 2“Atrium eliminates the guesswork when it comes to figuring out the why behind my team’s performance,” said David Singh, VP of Sales at Intellimize. “Atrium quickly surfaces potential problem areas around conversions and gives me and my managers a clear picture of who needs help and what they need help on. It also highlights the behaviors of our star reps, so that we can replicate those across the broader team.”


The Automated Insights Engine is available immediately to all customers of the Atrium Data-Driven Sales Management platform. The module features the following:

  • Continuous monitoring and analysis of hundreds of rep and team metrics to uncover patterns and detect anomalies in execution quality, quantity, and tempo
  • Strategy Insights console provides a single view of a rep or team’s performance anomalies and behaviors that need attention 
  • Insight Alerts proactively let managers know (via email and Slack) when the engine identifies new anomalies and behaviors that need attention
  • Recommended Actions suggest next steps for managers to address the root cause driving over/ under performance

See For Yourself

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